Monday, January 17, 2011

Welcome to The Audible ImBible

It all started when I was drunk and listening to music... the same way most ideas start for me.

There's this idea of pairing food with drinks. There are certain characteristics in drinks that perfectly complement or even enhance the flavors of food. I personally am one to always trust a good sommelier to make my restaurant experience the best it can be, regardless of the expense. A great pairing helps create memories that are everlasting.

So, this drunken thought was something along the lines of "if a sommelier's job is to enhance your experience by picking the right wine to go with your meal, then who's job is it to pick the music?" Music evokes emotion just as well, if not better, than food and beverage. As such, if a meal should be a memorable experience, then the music you listen to while eating should be considered a decision equal to choosing red versus white or beer versus wine. Music and flavors (whether in food or drink) act as placeholders for memories of emotion, experience, and environment. The right music can complete an otherwise fragmented occasion.

So, I've spent the last few months thinking a lot about music, memories, seasons, drinks, food, and the connections between different types of each. Fun stuff. Aside from intellectual curiosity, where will this lead me (and you, should you decide to read on)?

The Audible ImBible - a site dedicated to finding the right music to listen to while you imbibe.

But first, a blog about a site in the making...

I believe there is a perfect playlist to complement a meal. Am I the best person to do this? Possibly not. A lot of people's opinions of music is based on experience and memories - something telling them that "this goes with that" because "this reminds me of that." However, I think there are many common reference points that humans share and as such, I'm not afraid to share my drink-song pairings with others in hope that they'll share theirs with me.

And so I present to you, some of the thoughts behind this damn little project that won't go away - The Audible ImBible. A blog dedicated to a site dedicated to pairing drinks, music, and memories.

Let the random assortment of thoughts begin...

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